Some people contact us directly to ask us to pray for them or someone they love; or for a situation that is affecting them. We are happy to do this.

Accordingly, if there is someone or something that you would like us to pray for then please contact us.

Please do not feel that you need to give us any more details than you wish. A request for prayers for “someone who is ill”, or “for someone I’m worried about”; for “an intention” or “a situation that’s concerning me” is sufficient.

We do not need to know more details unless you wish to tell us.

This offer is open to everyone. It does not matter which faith you believe in, or if you don’t have any belief at all. For us the most important factor is that God values us all equally and loves every one of us with the same unconditional love, regardless of what we have done or have not done in our lives.


Contact us 

Abbot Fr Mark Ciara
[email protected]