A large part of a monk’s day is spent in prayer, both public and private, and in meditation.

This is the primary purpose of the lives of contemplative monks and nuns as we continue our daily seeking for God.

We trust that if we are faithful to this calling then, with God’s grace and mercy, we will build a deeper relationship with God and with our fellow human beings. Our prayers are not for our own benefit, but primarily to praise God and to intercede for the “needs of the World and all its peoples”.

Accordingly, at our Community Masses we pray especially for the events that are taking place in the World and for the people affected by them.




Times of the Divine Office


03.30    Office of Vigils
06.30    Office of Lauds
08.45    Office of Terce
11.45    Office of Sext
14.00    Office of None
18.00    Office of Vesper
19.30    Office of Compline



03.30    Office of Vigils
06.30    Office of Lauds
(Terce psalms at end of weekday Mass.)
11.45   Office of Sext
14.00   Office of None
18.00   Office of Vespers
19.30   Office of Compline



11.00 Sunday Mass   
08.00 Weekday Mass